At Geoponics we believe in doing and thinking differently.  Our goal is to bring unique, innovative and industry leading technology to the Canadian market. That is why we have partnered with Scynce LED to share with you the next generation of horticulture lighting solutions.

Features & Benefits

Tunable Spectrum

All of the Scynce LED grow lights give you control of up to 4 different spectrums allowing you to simulate sunrise/sunset or bring in more blues or reds as your growing style dictates

Light Delivery System

Patented light delivery system utilizes custom optics which put more light on to and down through the plant’s canopy… where it really counts. #Canopy Penetration

Wireless Control

“Theia” (thee-uh) is the proprietary lighting control app. Available on Android and iOS, Theia puts you in control of dimming, spectrum tuning, scheduling and cloud storage for custom recipes. 


Scynce’s LED light fixtures are built to be water submersible, not just conformal coated. They will withstand power washing, greenhouse leaks and fire suppression events. 

5 year warranty puts our money where our mouth is!

Single Level

The DRAGON is our high output, small footprint, indoor warehouse or greenhouse solution. With up to 600 watts of power, it projects more light onto and into the canopy than any other comparable light


These low-profile fixtures were designed specifically for vertical farming. With an IP66 waterproof rating, wireless connectivity, and unique optics, the RKs are the perfect solution for vertical farming

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